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Hunter Checklist & General Information

Personal Items:

  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow (We provide cots and foam pads)
  • Shave Kit (toothbrush, soap, etc.)
  • Bath towels (Most of our camps have a hot shower available)
  • Clothing for 7 days of hunting (Keep in mind the layering method.)
  • Longjohns( Even for some of our September archery hunts)
  • Jacket (wool is still hard to beat)
  • Hunting boots- well broken-in & good socks
  • Slippers
  • Raingear
  • Camera, Binoculars, Rangefinder
  • GPS if you have one
  • GMRS Radios if you have them (we use Garmin Rinos)
  • Game bags for species hunted (this is the most commonly forgotten item in our camps.)Bring good heavy bags, the larger the better.
  • Large Ice chests for transporting game back home. Be prepared to take your game home, keeping it cool and clean.)
  • Day pack for carrying lunch and extra clothing
  • Rifle & ammo
  • Archery equipment
  • Snacks that you may personally want (We provide all food and snacks, Except for all Morgan Lake hunts, but you might have a special something you want.)
  • Alcoholic beverages for after hours
  • Camp chairs
  • Licenses and tags-All tags must be purchased before the beginning of the season in which you are hunting.

You will drive into any of our camps, so you can bring those extras that you can’t live without, within reason, of course.

Oregon does not require hunters over 18 years of age to wear hunter orange during any firearms season, but we highly recommend you wear some orange. An orange hat or vest greatly improves our ability to see you in the event we get separated. Our guides do wear orange during the rifle seasons. Youth under 18 must wear an orange hat or outer garment of some kind.


  • Buckaroo/ Heppner ranch- 4500-4800 Ft.
  • Castle Rock ranch- 4800-7000 Ft.
  • Pedro Mt. ranch- 4500-6500 Ft.
Cell phone coverage is spotty with Verizon having the best coverage.

Hunters can arrive on the afternoon of the day before the hunt and leave the morning after the hunt ends. Battle Creek personnel will field dress, skin and assist you in getting your game to a commercial cooler or meat packer. The client is responsible for any related costs for cooling, cutting, or shipping.

Weather in the fall can be quite variable. Temperatures during archery season can vary from morning lows of 25° with afternoon highs near 90°, and everything in between.

Rifle deer season temperatures can vary from AM lows of 20° to afternoon highs near 80°.

Rifle elk season temperatures can be as low as 15° and highs up to 60°, with snow very possible.

The most important clothing choice is to be able to dress in layers. We can have rain and snow showers during any of our seasons, but more likely during the rifle seasons.

Meeting Places:

Buckaroo: Ukiah store @ noon the day before the hunt.

Castle Rock: Unity store @ noon the day before the hunt.

Pedro Mt.: I- 84 Rye Valley exit 340 between Baker City and Ontario @ noon the day before the hunt.

Ochoco Nat. Forest: To be determined. We will contact with time and place.

Our Numbers

Dave Jarschke, Cell #541-419-5074

Tom Hamper, Cell #541-280-7378

Steve Mathers, Cell #541-977-0743